Primary workshops are heading to Tullamore Library on Mon 17th Feb. 5.30 to 7.30pm. Parents welcome to attend. Seanie Morris is going to bring along his own book and read it to kids and do activities with them. We look forward to seeing Seanie again. No workshops for secondary school kids. Shared from Offaly Dyslexia … Continue reading

A big thanks to Jimmy, from LOETB who facilitated us with a practise fire drill at workshops last night. The kids braved the freezing cold weather and quickly left the building as instructed so well done to them and the tutors who looked after them. We got 69 people out of the building in 3.15 … Continue reading

Our sincere thanks once again to the people of offaly. You've supported us from day 1, and today 11 years later you dug deep and supported us once again with our Annual Flag day. It was a wet miserable day but our volunteers wouldn't give in and they fought against the elements. A huge thank … Continue reading