Factsheet 16  ‘How parents can support the student with dyslexia’  may be downloaded by clicking below

 Factsheet 16 How parents can support the student with dyslexia

Factsheet 17  ‘Study tips for students with dyslexia’  may be downloaded by clicking below

Factsheet 17 Study Tips for Students

Anna’s Creative Copybook

We recently received a lovely letter from Anna Fox, aged 9, from Co. Sligo. Anna and her brother have dyslexia.

Anna wrote “My teacher said it is easier for people with dyslexia if the background on the smart board is yellow”. Anna checked the internet and found that her teacher seemed to be right. Some people with dyslexia find it easier to read with a coloured background.

Anna then got creative and decided to make a copybook for people with dyslexia.  Anna doesn’t plan to sell the copybooks – she only made it for some fun and for her own use.

However, Anna and her parents are happy to share Anna’s copybook idea in the documents below.

All you need is to make your own coloured copies of Anna’s template. To do this Anna said that “you will need a computer, a printer, some coloured paper and some coloured card for the cover.  The coloured paper and card can be bought at a local stationery supply shop.  Remember to print the cover in landscape format.”

Congratulations to Anna on a great idea, and how kind of her to share it with our members.

Anna Series Copybook COVER (WORD document)

Anna Series Copybook LINED PAGES (WORD document)

Anna Series Copybook MATHS PAGES (WORD document)

Anna Series Copybook COVER

New Children’s Book written by Irish school-children who have dyslexia

Dyslexic Brains Learn Differently is a new Irish-produced book about dyslexia for children. It is written by children for children, and has been created by the students of the Reading Class at Ennis National School, Co. Clare (aged 10-13 years, with severe dyslexia).

In this 40-page book, each of the ten children tells their own unique story, from discovering that they have dyslexia to learning how to cope with it. It illustrates their many talents and abilities. There are information pages for parents and families, including recommended websites and apps. A unique feature of the book is that readers can scan a QR code on the cover to hear an audio-recording of the stories.   The book is beautifully illustrated by AnnMarie Cawley, a young student at Limerick College of Art and Design, who has dyslexia herself.

The book is available online at www.wowwee.ie and www.ennisns.ie . It is on sale in O’Mahony’s bookstores in Limerick, Tralee and Ennis, in the Ennis Bookshop and Scéal Eile in Ennis. Price is 10 euro. For any further details, email fionadeb@gmail.com

Dyslexic Brains Learn Differently - Book Cover

Dyslexic Brains Learn Differently – Book Cover